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  •  Knowledge Management: Add Knowledge Artifact Procedure (technical writing sample)

The purpose of this document is to articulate the Add Knowledge Artifact procedure.
The goals of this policy are:

  • To ensure that articles are created in a consistent manner
  • To provide a reference document regarding the creation of Knowledge Artifacts
  • To provide requirements that can be used when compliance is evaluated


  •  The Value of Technical Documentation (white paper sample)

While technical documentation is widely considered an invaluable asset for business procedures, training, and quality assurance purposes, few standardized measures or ‘metrics’ exist for determining its exact value, the actual ‘quality’ of said documentation, or the productivity involved in its creation.
However, it is possible to establish the ‘value’ of documentation if metrics exist for the procedures relating to the documentation.


  •  How to Troubleshoot Offline Address Book (OAB) Issues (before) (editing sample)
  •  How to Troubleshoot Offline Address Book (OAB) Issues (after) (editing sample)                



            Machinima Demo Reel 
 Machinima Demo Reel Breakdown Sheet


            Music Video Demo Reel
Music Video Demo Reel Breakdown Sheet



  •  Advertisement - "And the Greatest of These" (print ad design


  •  Banner ad - "The Course of Superhero Romance" (web ad design)


  •  Mock-up Book Cover - "APOCALYPSE RISING: The Nephilim Scriptures" (book cover design)
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