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Welcome to my site. Here you can find examples of my work, my background, and my resume.

A Seattle-based professional technical writer and process analyst, I have over twenty years of experience with documentation research, creation, revision, and publication. My projects have ranged from academic papers and presentations to technical procedures, workflows, and policies, from creating and publishing a psychological/health-care manual to managing a 1000+ entry media database.  

In addition to my writing and editing, I've worked as a video designer, editor, and graphic designer.

In 1993, I established myself as a freelance author and editor under my own name while attending the University of Arizona in Tucson. After completing my Masters degree, I later moved to Phoenix in 2003, where I branched out into video production and graphic design. At the same time, I also began to develop an Internet presence via writing and video work using the nickname "Samuraiko." In 2006, I established my own production company, Samuraiko Productions.

Samuraiko Productions worked with clients across the United States, and in a number of industries, ranging from health care to entertainment, from pageantry to real estate to online games. I took pride in my company's versatility, seeing each new project as an opportunity for further development.

In 2010, I relocated to the Seattle, Washington area. In addition to my projects with Samuraiko Productions, I shifted my priority back to technical writing and process analysis, recently focusing on the field of Information Technology (IT), with an emphasis in Compliance.


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