About Samuraiko Productions

In 1993, Michelle Nersesian Travis initially established herself under her own name as a freelance author and editor while attending the University of Arizona in Tucson.  After completing her Masters degree, she later moved to Phoenix in 2003, where she branched out into video production and graphic design.  At the same time, she also began to develop an Internet presence as a writer of fiction and poetry using the nickname "Samuraiko".  In 2006, she established her own production company, naming it Samuraiko Productions.

Samuraiko Productions has worked with clients across the United States, and in a number of industries, ranging from health care to entertainment, from pageantry to real estate.  Michelle takes pride in her company's versatility, seeing each new project as an opportunity for further development.

In 2010, Michelle and her company relocated to the Seattle, Washington area.

In addition to her projects with Samuraiko Productions, Michelle has continued to work in the technical writing field, recently focusing on the field of Information Technology (IT).


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